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Wednesday, April 21, 2010
How to insall template:

1. Download the XML file
2. Save to your computer
3. Select Layout > Edit HTML
4. Click Browse (find downloaded template xml  file)
5. Select Open and pathway to the XML document will appear in the browse window
6. Select UPLOAD
7. You can select KEEP WIDGETS to keep what you had before but sometimes it messes up the Page Elements area so it's up to you!

How to install a customizable header:

# Log into your Blogger account
# Click on the tab that says "Layout"
# In your (Header) section, click on "edit"
# Click "browse" and go to your saved header
# Now click "open"
# Select desired placement and click "save"

How to install a footer image:

Just add it as a picture gadget to the bottom section of your blog in Layout>Page Elements

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